WEDA Private Primary German School was founded and licensed in 1998. We start teaching German in the first grade and add English as a second foreign language in the fifth grade.



Due to the specific nature of child development, the pedagogical team of WEDA Private German School has developed a unique programme based on original German coursebooks for native speakers. The fact that we teach the language away from its natural linguistic environment is the reason why we have included in the school timetable spoken German classes with native speakers, area studies of German-speaking countries, celebration of traditional German holidays and festivities, extracurricular activities focused on the intensive use of the German language.



At the end of seventh grade students are expected to have reached a B1 level of German language proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. To achieve this, we use a wide range of external assessment forms: examinations conducted by Goethe-Institut, language olympiads and competitions organized by The Ministry of Education and Science, international competitions, etc.



A successful system for children‘s education is at the core of our excellent exam results and fruitful school work. It places a special emphsis on:

  • the formation of a moral value system;
  • mutual trust and respect;
  • appreciation and respect for each student‘s personality;
  • nurturing calm, self-confident individuals, capable of standing up for themselves, possessing leadership qualities;
  • developing good team-working skills.

The main idea behind our unique educational system is to help our students achieve the following at graduation of seventh grade:

  • long-lasting skills and knowledge of the compulsory subjects;
  • B1 level of German proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • A2- B1 level of English proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • basic IT knowledge;
  • individual system of learning (students are taught how to study, and by the time they are seventh graders, they should have already mastered this skill);
  • “Lifelong learning“ – students should be able to view learning as a continuous, never-ending process;
  • value system and personal qualities which wil motivate them for their future personal development;
  • good team-working and social skills;
  • awareness and involvement in current environmental problems and active position on environmental protection;
  • profound knowledge and pride with the history, culture and contemporary achievemnts in their homeland.



WEDA Private school is located in one of the most peaceful and quiet neighbourhoods of Sofia – Triagalnika. The building is situated 50 metres away from Han Kubrat Underground Station, in the immediate vicinity of a vast park. Inside the building, perfect conditions are created to enable both students and teachers to attain their educational goals.