WEDA Private Kindergarten was founded in 1998 as a full-day preparatory educational establishment for WEDA Private German school. In the beginning, children were offered admission only to the preparatory group. However, more and more parents became interested in the kindergarten, which led to the opening of new groups and subsidiaries later on.


In 2009, in cooperation with the management of SIEMENS AD – Bulgaria, WEDA created the first kindergarten in Eastern Europe specifically designed for SIEMENS employees.


Every year about a hundred children are educated cared for  in WEDA Kindergarten. They are divided into five age groups:


Nursery group: 1,6 – 3 years of age.
First group: 3 – 4 years of age
Second group: 4 – 5 years of age
Third group: (1. Preparatory group): 5 – 6 years of age
Fourth group: (2. Preparatory group): 6 – 7 years of age.

The idea of early foreign language learning is central to the educational concepts of WEDA Kindergarten. Due to the fact that the Bulgarian education system lacks tradition and experience in this area, in 1998 we authored an original programme, which we have been upgrading ever since. It comprises of flexible models for parallel teaching in two languages: Bulgarian and a foreign language. The models combine and enhance each other successfully.


We have employed a child-centred education process in our kindergarten. We have implemented an efficient system for monitoring the individual development of each child, our two ultimate goals being to encourage each child to fulfil their full potential and to achieve high results, as well as to prepare children efficiently for their first grade in WEDA Private German School.

WEDA kindergarten has developed a specific model for upbringing that includes age-appropriate tasks. Family plays an important role in this model. Parents take part in regular discussions about their children‘s upbringing, education and health.


We also offer a lot of optional extracurricular activities: rhythmic gymnastics, fencing, football, swimming, skiing, yoga, etc. It has become a tradition for our children to attend live theatre and shows, as well as to go on educational trips and seaside camps.


Due to the beneficial effects of our innovative approach to working with children, our kindergarten has become a training centre for pedagogy students from ‘‘St. Kliment Ohridski‘‘ Sofia University. Since 2001/2002 students from the Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education have been trained as teachers at WEDA Private German Kindergarten.